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David Carbrey Direct Event Insurance

David Carbrey Direct Event Insurance

Meet Your Event Insurance Agent

David Carbrey, President of Direct Event Insurance, serves as the primary point of contact providing a unique level of accountability in event insurance industry. At Direct Event Insurance, there are no rooms full of CSR’s with headsets in cubicle.

David has years of experience in many entertainment industry roles. This experience gives him a unique perspective allowing him to identify with the customers on a level other companies might not possess.

David worked his way through college, bar-tending, managing bars and playing music while earning his Radio/TV/Film Production degree from the University of Oklahoma. After graduating, he spent a decade working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles with production companies and film crews. Some of this experience includes, Budweiser Super Bowl commercials, short films for BMW and music videos for artists from the Goo Goo Dolls to The Temptations.

He earned his living, setting-up and helping to organize events with personalities from Tom Hanks, Snoop Dog, Ryan Adams, Angelina Jolie, Val Kilmer, Keanu Reeves, Tony Bennet, Christina Aguilera, Iggy Pop, The Foo Fighters, and Slash. There are simply too many to name but the point is, he knows about professionalism, hard work, deadlines, dealing with huge events and huge personalities as well. David brings this experience to smaller events and knows how hard you have worked to get things organized.
He understands your event because he has walked in the shoes of his clients, having worked not only on photo and film-shoots and live concerts, but various other corporate and promotional events. This experience allows him to leverage his background and a unique value proposition of event insurance.

David brings incredible positive energy, relevant and valuable knowledge, and people skills to Direct Event Insurance and is passionate about making sure his clients are fully satisfied with their event insurance policy.

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