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If I choose to cancel my general liability policy, I will be subject to a refund fee of $25.00 plus the full administration charges on my policy. In the very unlikely case coverage terms do not meet my venue’s insurance requirements and cannot be amended to do so, I am eligible for a full refund of my policy price.

No refunds will be issued after the commencement of the policy period.

In order to receive a full refund of policy premiums, minus refund fee and full administration charges, the insured must provide:

A statement from the Insured and each of their Certificate Holders (Additional Insureds) that mentions:

1. Date of the event that was insured,
2. Location of the event that was insured,
3. Detailed explanation why coverage for the event that was insured should be cancelled
4. A declaration specifically stating, “No claims will be filed against the Certificate that names me as an Insured/Certificate Holder”.

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to serving you in the future.

If you have questions email David Carbrey,, or call 214-356-6585.

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