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Event Cancellation Insurance

Event cancellation insurance is a small expense compared to the big protection it provides to event organizers and promoters. If you are planning a concert, conference, trade show, sporting event, fair, or a festival there are many expenses associated with booking the venue, performers, vendors, security and promotional agencies.

Before the actual day, you have already spent a large amount of money and are hoping for a successful event to recoup these costs. Not many promoters can afford to lose this initial investment if the event must be cancelled due to weather or problems with the venue.

A prepared event organizer knows that an event cancellation policy from Direct Event Insurance provides peace of mind. If you have an upcoming event we can provide protection for a variety of severe weather conditions including, but not limited to, tornadoes, hurricanes, and severe winter storms.

The unpredictability of weather is not the only thing that can cause an event to be cancelled. There could also be problems with the venue due to fires, floods, power outages, and many other situations. If any of these occur you could be protected from loss of covered revenue and expenses.

If having to pay deposits and other fees associated with event cancellation is a risk you are not willing to leave to chaotic weather patterns or venue maintenance Direct Event Insurance can help. We provide coverage based on the gross revenue, or expenses, for the event. This keeps the cost low for our customers by ensuring they are only paying for the coverage they need.

Each event cancellation policy is as unique as the person requesting it, and this is one of our favorite things about the industry. At Direct Event Insurance, your agent has planned and organized large events, performed on stage, or worked behind the camera. This experience provides a partner who understands the legalities and liabilities associated with organizing and promoting an event. Which would you prefer to have your back?

If you have specific questions regarding Event Cancellation Insurance please contact us. We believe you will be impressed with our experience and value we place on each customer.

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Love this company! Specifically David Carbrey who not only made buying direct event insurance EASY, but he really helped me out when the my event became difficult due to other people involved. Can’t thank him enough! I will absolutely use this company for all my future events, and tell everyone I know. Satisfied Customer