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Event Insurance - What's next after purchase?

Event Insurance – What’s Next after Purchase?

Event insurance, what’s next after purchase purchasing thorough our website is a breeze, and hopefully you will never need to file a claim. However, if you do need to file a claim their are some steps you can take that will make providing the required documentation a snap.

Planning the event and herding all those cats was the tough part. Now comes the money time the time when you know an event has gone off well and you get to bask in the glow of success. Undoubtedly, this peace is short lived because the bride’s drunk brother just fell down the steps and is going to need stitches. In the rush someone backs into a wall while moving the catering van. Pow, in a matter of seconds your personal success moment has turned to financial ruin. Nobody will remember the 200 minutes of awesome that came before only the last ten minutes where the bride was actually crying at her own wedding. The only thing worse is the news that you are personally liable for the damages to the brother and the wall. Oh, and he is talking to a lawyer about some nonsense concerning your failure to give adequate warning of the downward nature of this particular set of stairs. So, add legal fees to the list of expenses. A few minutes could easily add up to $10,$20,$30 thousand or more dollars, and not many people have a discretionary fund that size.

Luckily, you spoke with one of the great agents at Direct Event Insurance and purchased an event insurance policy. You cannot do much about drunk relatives attending weddings, but at least your policy covered your legal fees and if necessary personal damages as well as damages to the venue. In order to be prepared for filing a claim there are a few steps you can take to make the process easier.

• Safe storage for event insurance policy documents:

As with any important legal document, keeping these papers in a safe place that is easily accessible is a sensible plan. Place it with other documents in a secure location. If you prefer digital storage make sure the document is backed up on a local drive and an external hard drive. You might also consider placing in secure cloud storage as an extra safety measure.

• Get important contact event insurance information:

Make sure you have all the contact information of your agent and carrier before your event. Contact numbers and other data will help you in case you have any questions.

Odds say, your event will go off without a hitch, but we will be there for life’s unexpected events. In fact, you can even apply now for a event insurance policy and get a free quote online!

Just by taking some simple steps, you can ensure you’ll know how to handle anything once it’s active.

An event insurance policy can be a powerful way to give yourself peace of mind and real protection for your next event – no matter how big or small it is!

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