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event insurance avoid lawsuit disaster free quote

Event Insurance Avoid Lawsuit Disaster

Event Insurance Avoid Lawsuit Disaster

Planning a big event can be a lot of fun or a lot of stress. However, one critical item is often overlooked event insurance avoid a lawsuit disaster. For office parties and milestone birthday extravaganzas alike, an event organizer or planner should know about event insurance coverage options. Additionally, they should be fully aware of the dangers their type of event presents. For example, a birthday party presents different types of risks than a concert or festival.

Most parties present some type of risk that will expose the event holder to damages from injuries to guests, patrons, or vendors. Even occasions like conferences and weddings which do not seem to carry a high level of risk can be costly, but when a large audience is considered the amount of damages the event planner could be liable for is exponentially increased. It doesn’t take much for someone to have a fluke accident or fall, for instance, even if alcohol or dancing is not involved. And if it is, then you can imagine the risks for an event holder and event insurance avoid lawsuit disaster might be the solution that pays if you are deemed liable. A simple fall where someone breaks a bone could end up costing the event holder over $10,000.00.

Even withstanding the damages the event holder could be required to pay, most venues are requiring the event organizer have an an insurance policy naming the venue as the Additional Insured.

Unless you are explicitly aware the venue will be taking care of this matter, you should assume responsibility by obtaining event insurance. This will guard against possible items that could make you liable for damages in court, as litigation can be a major concern for a fall or other type of accident.

Obtaining an event insurance policy from Direct Event Insurance provides you with piece of mind, as well as real protection. It will be there for you in the worst-case scenario. If you have any questions about coverage limits please check out our FAQ or Contact DEI with any questions.

If you need event insurance avoid lawsuit disaster we would  really like the chance to earn your business and once you experience out gold standard of customer service it will be hard to accept the impersonal service offered by other event insurance companies. If you would like to know the price of an event insurance policy, Apply now free of charge.

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