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Event Insurance for Weddings

Wedding Event Insurance

Wedding insurance is our specialty. Often costing you less than $200, our wedding insurance policy provides you with millions of dollars in liability protection for a small premium. In fact, getting your insurance may be the easiest and most convenient part of planning your wedding. Our quick and easy online application takes about three minutes to complete and we can issue your insurance immediately in most cases!

Disaster can strike on your wedding day. Wedding Insurance protects you against the unforeseen and gives you valuable peace of mind.

But what is wedding insurance — and how does it work?

Here are some details you should know.

Wedding Insurance typically covers liabilities that can occur during your wedding. For example, a fire could accidentally be started and burn down the venue. In this case, you would want the piece of mind of wedding insurance to protect you from any lawsuit that could be filed. Let’s face it – we live in a society where people sue each other frequently.

Our typical policy costs almost nothing compared to every other aspect of your wedding (less than $200 in most cases) and provides millions of dollars in protection. With your wedding insurance from Direct Event, you a covered for up to a million dollars per incident and two million dollars total. That’s a lot of insurance coverage for a small price! We can even increase those coverage levels on your policy, if needed.

In addition, many venues will require you to obtain insurance for your wedding, so in many cases the coverage is a requirement on top of making good sense.

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