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Event Insurance – Why would you insure a charity event?

Event Insurance – Why would you insure a charity event?

Non profit and charity organizations hold thousands of events each year. Groups use these funds to help pay for the many worthy causes they support. These events are just one way that non-profits, and individuals, bring awareness to a cause.

Philanthropic donations are a major pipeline for financial support, and in order to keep these funds flowing the events put on by charities need to not only recoup their cost, but also generate revenue. If an event must be cancelled, or if there is a claim of damages it could ruin an organization causing their particular causes to go unsupported.

Common Charity Events include: Dinner Dances, Auctions or Silent Auctions, Raffles, Golf Tournaments and Concerts just to name a few. All of these Charity Events are put together with the same love and passion for the cause they represent and the people the help. But, they also come with liability and the consequences of running an uninsured event can be devastating and even cause financial ruin for the charity sponsor.

Although you may have taken all the necessary steps to avoid any mishaps, unexpected weather conditions or accidents do happen. Event Insurance can provide you or your organization protection against these sometimes unavoidable disasters.

A lot of research goes into finding the perfect facility to rent for your Dinner Dance or Auction and it’s imperative that you have insurance that will cover any damage to the facility. Although the facility may have its own coverage, a contract between you and facility management could make you liable if guests, volunteers or vendors cause harm, even something as small as breaking a bathroom mirror. Instead of worrying about how your organization is going to pay for unintentional damage, purchase the correct liability and property damage coverage and you won’t need to worry.

Your outdoor event is contingent upon weather conditions. The golf tournament or concert you worked so hard to put together could be cancelled because of an unexpected torrential downpour. Having the proper weather insurance policy can help you recover some of the money invested so that your losses are minimal.

Apply Now and don’t let your next Charity Event turn into a costly situation because of a lack of Event Insurance. Charity Events are organized for many reasons; love of humanity, the environment or animals are the most common. Event Insurance is essential to your organization as it provides the protection needed so that the cause being supported can be free from worrying about the unexpected. It also provides your volunteers, vendors, and participants the knowledge that you not only care for your cause with passion but that you care enough to ensure everyone has a good time.

You may also contact us with any questions or to request additional information an how we can cover your next Charity Event. We know and understand how important your cause is; you never know, it could be a cause close to our hearts too.

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