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Special Event Insurance (also referred to as CGL, Commercial General Liability or Spectator Liability) is an insurance policy designed to provide broad protection for situations in which an event holder or vendor must defend itself against lawsuits or pay damages for bodily injury or property damage to third parties. Host liquor liability is included if there is no transfer of money for alcohol. This policy also gives protection to the venue and or sponsors of the event by adding them to the policy as an additional insured. This type of policy covers situations such as a slip and fall or accidental property damage to the venue.

Note: There are exclusions that apply to the policy.

The standard coverage includes:

General Liability Aggregate


GL Products/Completed Operations


GL Personal/Advertising Injury


Each Occurrence


Damages to Premises Rented to You


Medical Expenses


Coverage can be provided up to $10,000,000 per occurrence / $10,000,000 General Liability Aggregate.

Each policy includes Host Liquor Liability coverage if there is no transfer of money for alcohol and the host or event sponsor is not in the business of making or distributing alcohol.

Note: Additional coverage’s such as liquor liability, rented equipment coverage, and non-owned hired auto coverage can be added to the base policy for an additional charge.

We cover a multitude of events including:

Anniversary parties,
Antique Shows,
Bar Mitzvahs/Bat Mitzvahs,
Birthday Parties,
Block Parties/Street Closures/Street Fairs,
Boat Shows,
Business Meetings and Shows,
Business Parties,
Camera Shows,
Card Games – Blackjack,
Card Games – Poker,
Card Shows,
Casino Nights,
Chamber of Commerce Events,
Charity Benefits,
Church Services or Meetings,
Civic Club Meetings,
Company Corporate Retreats,
Computer Shows,
Consumer Shows,
Country & Western Events,
Fashion Shows,
Festival & Cultural Events,
Film Screenings,
Film Showings,
Film Shoots,
Fund Raising Dinner,
Funeral Service,
Golf Tournament,
Grad Night,
Holiday Events and Parties,
Gift Exchanges,
Home Shows,
Job Fairs,
Ladies Club Events,
Mariachi Band,
Math Tournament,
Meetings ,
Menorah Lighting,
Mobile Home Shows,
Mobile Homes RV Shows ,
Movie Release Party,
New Years Eve Party,
Old Timer Events,
Photo Shoots,
Play Readings,
Poetry Reading,
Pool and or Billiards Tournaments,
Professional and or Amateur Association Meetings,
Social Receptions,
Speaking Engagements,
Sporting Events,
Store Openings,
Story Teller,
Talent Show,
Tap Dancing,
Tennis Tournament,
Theatrical Stage Performances,
Trade Shows,
Union Meetings,
Vacation Shows,
Video Game Contests,
Voter Registration,
Walking and or Hiking Tour,
Wedding Receptions,
Wine Tasting,
Yodeler and many others.

To fill out an online application visit event insurance online and select your event. If you do not see your event listed in the application please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

A Special Event Liability Event Policy can be purchased on the day of your event. However, it is best to purchase your event insurance coverage as far in advance as possible. This will make sure you have enough time to select the best coverage and ensure it meets your venue requirements.

The policy protects the person or business/organization under whose name it was purchased (the “Named Insured”). Your event venue(s) and event sponsors can also be added as Additional Insured.

The “Named Insured” is the person or business/organization in whose name the policy was purchased. Typically the Named Insured would be the same person or business / organization entity that signed the contract with the venue.

Yes, a Special Event Liability Policy allows you to name your event venue as additional insured without additional charge.

If the Named Insured is held to be solely at fault in a claim the Special Event Liability Policy is primary insurance for both the named insured and any additional insureds listed on the policy.

A copy will also be e-mailed to you within 1 business day of when payment is received.

No. Upon securing your insurance, we will provide a separate link that your vendors will be able to obtain their own coverage. When vendors purchase through this link, you will automatically be named as an Additional Insured on the vendor policy, protecting you from any liable actions of the 3rd party vendor.

If you are not serving liquor by the drink and you are not in the business of making, distributing or selling liquor, the Host Liquor Liability coverage included in the base policy will protect against alcohol-related accidents. If you are selling liquor by the drink or are in the business of making, distributing or selling liquor, you will need to purchase an additional liquor liability policy to protect your event.

The Special Event Liability policy will afford coverage for the day of the event as well as the 24 hours prior to the event and 24 hours after the event for the set up.

We offer General Liability, Damage to Premises, Medical Payments, & Host Liquor in our base policy. You many also purchase Liquor Liability, Non-Owned Hired Auto, Rented Equipment Coverage, and Waiver of Subrogation for an additional charge.

We accept credit or debit cards with the following symbols – MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

The fastest is way is to complete the online application, paying for the policy using a major credit card.

Through our website, you may purchase rain insurance and choose between rain accumulation or rain free dry hours coverage. Additional weather insurance can also be provided such as coverage for snow, wind and lightning. Please email us at and we will be happy to help you find the right coverage.

In this type of rain insurance, you choose the total amount of rain that will impact your activity over the coverage days and/or hours, such as one inch of rain over an 8 hour period of your event.

In this type of rain insurance, you choose the number of rain free hours within the coverage period of your choosing, perhaps six hours of your eight-hour event. You also choose the level of hourly rain that defines a rain-free hour, such as 0.01”, 0.02”, 0.05”, or any other amount.

This type of coverage protects your event from circumstances beyond your control that force your event to be cancelled. There are essentially two types of event cancellation coverage: 1) the costs and expenses of putting on the event, and 2) the anticipated profits the event is expected to generate. The first covers your out of pocket expenses, such as rentals, promotion costs, and fees charged by service providers, etc. The second covers the profits you anticipate you will obtain from the event. Obtaining the second type of coverage to protect your revenue requires your event to have a history of revenue that is well documented and can be supported.

This type of coverage allows you to promote your business, sporting event or charity by offering a sporting event contest such as a hole in one, putting contest, golf shootout, football toss, football field goal contest, hockey red line shot, hockey blue line shot, basketball half court shot, basketball 3/4 court shot, or basketball parlay. You setup the event, purchase prize indemnity insurance and offer a huge payout to the participants and Direct Event Insurance takes on the risk.