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How Much does Prize Indemnity Insurance Cost?

How Much Is Prize Indemnity Insurance for Prizes and Promotions?

You might want to have an exciting prize or promotion for your event. Putting on a huge promotion with fabulous prizes is sure to impress your clients. Just imagine what a hole-in-one or putting contest could do – or field goal kick, half-court shot, or a red line contest – for generating excitement for your event. It would be marketing gold for any type of fundraiser or money-making business opportunity.

Attendees participating in a half-court shot during the game are a great incentive for record crowds to attend. Not that you would wish bad luck on anyone, but what if they make the shot? Could yourself or your agency afford to give the winner a new car or trip of a lifetime?

Not many event planners, organizers, or promoters have the assets to risk in order to offer these spectacular incentives, but costs should not prevent you from being as creative as possible. Cost does not need be a restrictive force because you can apply for prize indemnity insurance with premiums starting at around $200.00. The extra tickets sold or revenue generated from the heightened levels of event awareness in the community more than recoup the low premiums.

Consider the possibilities offering new and exciting prizes opens up for your event planning. Prizes and spectacular contests may be what you need to generate unparalleled buzz for an upcoming event.

People will beat a path to your door and you get all the prestige that comes from executing a great promotion. Plus, a contest can do great things for your reputation and organization.

Many events can’t justify the cost of a large prize or promotion. But thanks to inexpensive event insurance policies anyone can compete with the big boys. Take a moment to ponder what you would do if you could offer great prizes. The contact Direct Event Insurance to begin a prize indemnity insurance quote today.

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