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policy limits special event insurance

Policy Limits Special Event Liability Insurance

Policy Limits Special Event Liability Insurance

Special Event Liability Insurance is a specialty insurance policy designed to indemnify you (the insured) against certain claims arising from accidents taking place during a covered event. Policy limits special event liability insurance are available in different amounts. The greater the amount of coverage the more expensive  the policy premium. Speaking with a qualified agent can help you decide which level of coverage adequately protects your assets.

It offers event planners, promoters and organizers protection from damage to the facility caused by a guest or vendor, and bodily injury to guests if you are found liable. It is written in a manner that meets the insurance requirements that most venues require for you to host an event at their location.

General liability policy limits are outlined below.
Per Event Limits:

General Liability Aggregate

GL Products/Completed Operations

GL Personal/Advertising Injury

Each Occurrence

Damage to Premises Rented to You


General Liability Deductible

Additional coverage available up to $10M per Occurrence / $10M Aggregate

Direct Event Insurance would like to be your partner insuring your special events. If you would like to being a free online event insurance quote we would be happy to assist.

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