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Event Insurance Policy Terms and Conditions

Premiums and Fees are fully earned and there are no cancellations or refunds.

I verify that the event hasn’t started.

I verify that there are no claims before I purchase this policy.

The following are excluded from this Policy:

Aircraft, Animals (other than pet contests), Camping, Childcare operations, Food Vendors, Inflatables, Bounce houses, Knives/cutlery, Mechanical amusement rides, Motorsports, Open water exposure, paintball, rock climbing, rodeos, tattoo/body-piercing, temporary skating, skiing, or skateboarding structures/rails, Trail rides.

Any and all professional liabilities.

Assault, battery, or assault and battery.

Communicable disease.

Fireworks, Rides, Motorsports.

Employment – related practices exclusion.

Weapons exclusion.

Worker’s compensation and similar laws.

Participants exclusion.

Absolute auto liability exclusion.

Coverage limited to classification of event.

Direct Event Insurance Brokerage, LLC reserves the right to conduct an audit on any coverage provided through its program.