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event insurance for weddings

Wedding Event Insurance – Coverage Options

Wedding event insurance presents several coverage options to help insure the big day. Knowing all your options can make sure you have the right amount of special event insurance.

Special Event Insurance General Liability Coverage

This is the most popular type of event coverage. It covers your wedding in the event someone suffers damages, usually physical injury, and the sues for compensation of these injuries. This coverage extends to your guests and the venue if they are named as an additional insured. Generally, the insured is required to add the venue as an additional insured. The cost of this coverage is affected by the number of people attending the event and other factors. This sort of coverage is extremely affordable (typically around $200). In most cases, we can issue your wedding event insurance quote immediately, and provide a secure payment gateway.

Weather Insurance

Accidents to guests are not the only issue people should think about insuring on their wedding day. Weather coverage is a way to recoup some of your deposit, and other covered expenses, if rain cancels your event. This is especially helpful if you have an outdoor wedding or wedding reception planned. This type of insurance can also be purchased to cover other parties and events associated with the wedding. For example, a rehearsal dinner or bridal shower.
You can purchase weather insurance coverage as a stand-alone policy or in combination with other types of event insurance to provide comprehensive coverage of your investment.

Event Cancellation Insurance

There is also event cancellation insurance that can be used to cover losses from an event that is cancelled through no fault of the insured. This coverage is different than weather insurance, and an experienced event insurance agent can help you decide which type of coverage provides you with the right amount of protection.

If you would like to begin a quote for wedding event insurance follow the link to our free quote application.

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