The Benefits Of Direct Event Insurance

Whether you are planning your daughter’s wedding or professionally arrange special occasions for your clients, the process can feel extremely overwhelming. A lot of different things can go awry, leaving you liable in the event of a lawsuit. Special event insurance can help protect you if a guest is injured, alcohol is involved, a venue you rented requires liability insurance, or just to reinforce your own peace of mind.

The most important thing about any event insurance policy is the company that provides it. Direct Event Insurance specializes in insuring special occasions such as weddings, sporting events, concerts, trade shows, and festivals. We can craft a policy to fit any legal special event, so feel free to contact us even if the event you are planning is not specifically mentioned.

We pride ourselves in providing our clients with both excellent customer service and value for their money, a rare combination in today’s insurance field. All of our policies are paid for up front with no hidden fees or deductibles, ensuring that you understand exactly what you are buying. We will be available to answer any questions you have, allowing you to enjoy your event without obsessing over what could hypothetically happen.

On the customer service side, we understand that event insurance can be confusing for customers who are not accustomed to purchasing it. We offer valuable information such as coverage limitations and term definitions free of charge or obligation to help novices make an informed decision on the policy they need. Simply visit our website,, and study the FAQ page for more details.

If you are more experienced in the event insurance field, you will appreciate our fast, free insurance quotes. You can purchase some policies directly from our website immediately, while others require our agents to look around for the best deal. You will usually have a quote you can trust within 24 hours if our agents shop around on your behalf.

Our insurance experts also have practical experience in the special events we insure. They’ve seen what has gone wrong in the past and considered what steps could have been taken to prevent it, so they know what questions to ask of both you and anybody else involved in the event planning process to best protect your event. This practical experience also helps them address any issues you have concerning your policy.

We think that this connection to the events we cover allows us to provide better service than other companies relying on office workers with little practical experience. If you agree, fill out the form on our website today for a free event insurance quote!