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About Direct Event Insurance Brokerage, LLC

Direct Event Insurance is an innovative progressive force in special event insurance. Founded with the goal of providing an efficient method for customers to insure revenue and assets associated with special events. We do not believe exceptional customer service and value should be exclusive. Our mission is to provide coverage our customers need at an affordable price.

We will be there when our customers need coverage because we genuinely want their event to succeed and for the occasion to exceed expectations. You can count on DEI to be your special event insurance partner.

We provide agents with industry experience to assist our clients, and do not believe a CSR in a cubicle can provide the expert industry related advice needed when reputations and assets are on the line. Your special event insurance agent knows the industry and has figuratively walked a mile in your shoes. They have spent years on film sets, stages, behind the scenes, fronting a band, or as the talent. This experience gives our customers a partner who knows how to ask the right questions and give the correct answers.

We know the huge amount of effort, and stress, producers, promoters, event planners, organizers and individual’s put into an event. Hopes, dreams, revenue and assets are on the proverbial line, and people are counting on you. If not for your company, then for a client who is counting on the event to be spectacular. We literally totally understand and know your time is important.

Nobody likes to fill out forms, but taking a few minutes to completely fill out our online application will help our agents find coverage that meets the venue requirements and protects your assets. Whether it is a film production, concert, sporting event, convention, or any event large to small, Direct Event Insurance would like a chance to earn your business, and prove the difference industry experience can make.

In addition to insuring your special events, we also offer many other types of insurance that provide peace of mind and could provide reimbursement for some expenses resulting from incidents beyond the control of event planner, producer, organizer, etc. Weather Cancellation, Football Contests, Basketball Shot Contests, Hole-in-One, Hockey Shot Contest are just a few examples.

If you have a question regarding whether a specific type of event or contest can be insured reach out, contact DEI, and relax.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and in advance for requesting a free event insurance quote.

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