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Special Events Liability

This is the most common kind of Special Event Insurance and if you've simply been told you need, "Special Event Insurance", then this is probably what you need.

All commercial venues have their own insurance - otherwise they wouldn't be allowed to operate legally - but what they have now come to understand, is that when there are damages at an event, their annual premium can increase, which can have an adverse effect on their overhead, and cause them to have to raise their rates to those who want to rent their venue for an event.

Event Cancellation

Event cancellation insurance is a small expense compared to the big protection it provides to event organizers and promoters. If you are planning a concert, conference, trade show, sporting event, fair, or a festival there are many expenses associated with booking the venue, performers, vendors, security and promotional agencies.

Weather Insurance

Whether you are organizing a sporting event, concert, festival, wedding, or commercial production, your financial success and that of your event, depends on an extended period of good weather. With so much on the line, riding on something as unpredictable as we all know the weather to be, you don't want to rely on luck alone. That's where DEI's Weather Insurance program comes in, to protect your revenues and/or expenses from adverse weather that could alter the expected outcome of your event.

Prize Indemnity

If your organization would like to host a large event with spectacular prizes, but does not have cash reserves sufficient to cover contest winners prize indemnity insurance could be the answer.