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Banquets are usually held at restaurants, conference centers or hotels. Besides providing a lavish meal, a banquet dinner usually includes a number of speeches and entertainment such as a band, singer, orchestra, comedian, or variety act.

So why would you need insurance for a formal dinner honoring a person, benefiting a charity, or celebrating a special event? First and foremost, the place where you are hosting the banquet may require you to get your own insurance. The venue does not want to be held liable if one of your guests hurts themselves on the premise. The property owner or manager may also want insurance protection for damages to their property. In particular, they want to insure someone will be financially responsible help reimburse or replace any property damage caused by your guests.

Often, the event sponsor may serve alcohol during the banquet. Our insurance policy provides for host liquor liability coverage. This protects you against alcohol-related accidents. This often involves claims where the victim purports they were over served alcohol by the host.

For example, if a guest gets into an accident on the drive home from your event and sues you, your policy will response by providing a defense and investigating the claim. If you are found to be at fault, your insurance policy will respond from a damages perspective.

You’ve spent weeks, if not months, planning this banquet. The last thing you want to think about is something going wrong and having to spend months after the event involved in a lawsuit. Just click the button above e to retrieve your free quote and make sure your event is insured with the direct event insurance experts.

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