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So you are having a festival that lasts anywhere from a day to several weeks. It’s taken a long time and lots of effort to set this event up. Are you ready if something goes wrong?   With Direct Event Insurance you are prepared because you have with the right insurance coverage. Direct Event’s insurance policy is designed especially for a festival sponsor and protects you against many of the common accidents that typically occur at festivals.

This insurance policy provides liability coverage, liquor, and legal defense for claims of negligence brought on to the event organizer.


Why do we need this?

In today’s litigious society, festival organizers face potential lawsuits from spectators, contractors, and customers. You’re only a few dollars and a few clicks away from having peace of mind.

The best festival protection insurance you can buy anywhere in America at the lowest price. Your policy and certificates are issued online within minutes.

No Obligation!

Get your free quote now! Just complete our simple, secure, online form.

We Make It Easy!

Point, click, buy! For pennies on the dollar and less than 3 minutes of your time, let Direct Event Insurance handle the risk of your event!

Our Guarantee!

We guarantee to meet your event insurance requirements or we will refund your money.

Lowest Prices & No Hidden Fees!

Our prices are the lowest! We keep our costs down by making things simple and using technology so we can pass our cost savings on to you!

One Time Payment & No Deductible!

Unlike some other companies, with our $0 zero deductible policy, you won’t be hit by a $1,000 payment if a claim is filed!

Instant Docs & Proof Of Coverage!

No waiting. Your documents are emailed to you instantly once your credit card is approved.

Security & Privacy Matters:


Thanks for hanging in there with us man, I realize this one’s been a bit more than we discussed. Sorry, sometimes our gigs have weird requirements. I will be back in touch for a quote on our next series of events. Thanks for all the help. Cheers! John Wallis