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Finding short term, or annual, film set insurance is an important part of a producers duties. Generally, this task must be completed before beginning production and is a contractual obligation to rent equipment or use locations. Finding the right short term production insurance is a complex process.

Depending on your situation, there could be different insurance requirements than your home state plus multiple parties with different contractual requirements that must be satisfied before you move on to the more enjoyable parts of producing films, commercials, videos, and the more than 50 other types of productions covered by Direct Event Insurance. Having a Direct Event Insurance professional in your corner lets you rely on our expertise to provide insurance coverage that protects yourself and your employees.

So, if you are an indie producer, or producing a high budget production, we can tailor a policy to meet your requirements. These policies can be tailored for different production needs. For instance, if you own your production equipment rental could be excluded. Below are some examples of short term production insurance.

What Types of Short Term Production Insurance is Available?

Direct Event Insurance offers Inland Marine Coverage, General Liability Coverage, Automobile Coverage, Workers Compensation, Excessive Liability limits up to 10 million, and Travel Accident. Travel Accident is provided to comply with applicable requirements of the Screen Actors Guild. These can be combined to provide a safe and insured workplace for your cast a crew. It only takes one dropped camera or scrapped wall to equal high dollar damages.

Experience has proven even the most careful crews can accidentally damage a shoot location or valuable piece of equipment. If not an accident with the cast or crew, then a vendor or guest. The situations where one second could bankrupt the production because of negligence beyond your control are numerous, but a policy from DEI, could help pay for these expenses and damage by third parties.

Inland Marine Coverage generally covers equipment whether rented or owned. It can also cover sets, props and wardrobe and damages caused by third parties. It can also be purchased to protect your cast, crew and more.

General Liability is available with increased limits as are Waivers, Stunt Buybacks, and any Special Certificates required for the production.

Equipment protection can be provided and is generally required by camera houses and other equipment vendors before their equipment can leave the building. For this reason, we recommend purchasing your policy as far in advance as possible, but definitely before you will need to rent any equipment.

You can also provide coverage for your extras used in the production by purchasing Cast Extra Expense Insurance. They could be protected for any injuries that occur while filming the production. Direct Event Insurance offers several options to fit any size film production, and satisfy Screen Actors Guild Requirements.

If you have post production another short term policy can be purchased for those days.

Is Annual Production Protection Available?

In addition to short term film production, we also offer an annual general liability policy that would cover you film making activities for a year. This can be particularly useful for producers and directors without regular shoot schedules or productions that will take an extended period of time.

Direct Event Insurance offers film set insurance in all 50 states. To be eligible your production must have a budget below $1,000,000.00, be shot in the United States or Canada, and not have any hard or soft core pornography or live rap music.

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Kristey and I would like to thank you for all the work and help you gave us to get our policy. Without you it would not have been a wonderful wedding. We will definitely recommend your compnay and specifically make sure people contact you for their event insurance needs. Once again thank you and have a wonderful holiday season. Ernest and Kristey Hardison