How to Insure Your Special Event

Planning for any special event is exciting but also comes with some inherent stresses. Costs involved in planning for many special events can be substantial and the potential risk of anything going wrong in the process can cause some panic. Everything from host liquor liability to who is responsible in the event of a slip and fall or accidental property damage to the venue where the event is being held.

Depending on the type of special event liability insurance you obtain, it can help to provide protection for you, the event holder, against lawsuits or paying damages for bodily injury or property damage to third parties. It can also be a good idea to obtain cancellation insurance to provide protection if something unforeseen happens like someone getting sick or having to cancel the event for some reason, as you may still be responsible for many costs and fees.

Who Holds Ultimate Responsibility If Something Goes Wrong?

While researching and visiting venues for your event, it is important to inquire as to what liabilities are covered by their insurance plan. Many venues will have their own insurance that covers certain things on their premises such as slip and falls, etc. When it comes time to finalize all of the details and sign a contract, you will want to ensure that all terms such as liability and insurance issues are clearly outlined; so you will know what you need to plan for and what liability you may have.

The Best Way to Protect Yourself

One of the best ways to help put your mind at ease and ensure that you are protected from unfortunate occurrences or accidents that could potentially occur; is to obtain proper event insurance. The peace of mind in knowing that you are protected enables you to focus on the bigger event picture. Some venues may require that event liability insurance is obtained in a certain amount and that you provide them with proof of it prior to the event. Most likely, the contract that you sign with the venue will clearly outline these requirements. Keeping your interests safe through having insurance protection is a worthwhile investment both financially and for your peace of mind.

Finding the Right Insurance Coverage

Not all insurance is created equal and it is therefore critical that you contact a trusted insurance advisor that specializes in special event liability insurance. This ensures that you can rely on their expertise in sourcing the best coverage for any unforeseen circumstances that could arise with your event.