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Prize Indemnity

Prize Indemnity Insurance allows you to offer a large prize for a fraction of the prize value, with no risk. Want to create a promotion at an event to boost attendance, while also promoting your cause or business? With Prize Indemnity Insurance, you’ll enjoy increased visibility, name recognition and increased sales while resting assured that you are protected from any unnecessary liability. When you get your PI coverage from DEI, we’ll provide you a real insurance policy with real financial guarantees, not merely a business contract.

Because there forms of a promotional contest are almost endless, we want to keep things as simple as possible for the application process. If your contest isn’t a, Golf-based event, then just use the, “Prize Indemnity” submission form below, and remember to provide us with all of the information we will need to offer the coverage, and we will work with you to produce a firm and valid quote, to help promote your event or business!

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