What are the Basics of Conference Insurance?

A conference may seem like a straightforward and low-risk event, but this doesn’t mean that it is immune to issues and risks which require insurance. In fact, because of the complexity of events like conferences, there are often a wider variety of things that could go wrong and hamper the event’s success.

Below, we’ll discuss some reasons why conference insurance is necessary, and the kinds of options available to you if you’re looking to get insurance for your conference.

Risks of a Conference

Some of the risks that you may encounter while hosting and running a conference include:

  • Damage to property: your own, or belonging to the venue
  • An attendee becomes injured and decides to take legal action against you
  • The venue being unavailable due to damage by storms, fires, etc
  • The failure of key utilities such as power, heating, lights, sound, kitchens, plumbing, fire safety which may cause the venue to be unavailable
  • Denial of access to the venue by emergency services
  • Adverse weather conditions such as severe storms which restrict transportation
  • Speakers or performers who can’t be available due to illness, delays or other issues
  • Outbreaks of infectious diseases leading to quarantine situations
  • Outbreaks of civil disorder
  • Inability to leave the venue at the planned time, which may incur penalties

Insure Your Events and Ensure Your Peace of Mind

We work hard to offer flexible portfolios with key insurances, which are designed to meet the needs of individuals who organize meetings, seminars, exhibitions, and conferences. This means that we have options to suit you: whether you’re planning a Lunch and Learn seminar, or a global convention with thousands of attendees.

Some of the key features of conference insurance include:

Event Cancellation and Disruption

Key features include:

  • A wide definition of Disruption, which includes cancellation, curtailment, and rearrangement to another time or place
  • Coverage available on a full revenue basis, which protects your projected profit
  • Adverse weather coverage for events and activities outdoors or in temporary structures which may be affected by adverse weather
  • Reduced attendance
  • Critical mass non-attendance
  • Multiple non-appearance. Eg: the non-appearance of a number of persons from a defined group or category
  • Death or serious illness of related persons
  • Terrorism
  • National mourning. Eg: if a day of national mourning is declared on the same date(s) at the event